What I Use

stephanie-harvey-431242-unsplashHello All,

I just wanted to share a couple of the products I have recently switched to in my journey to being cruelty/harm free and minimalist. When searching for these products you find that a lot of them are also organic or vegan, which is great! To begin, Dr. Bronner’s soap is amazing. I am currently using the Eucalyptus scent, it smells great and I feel so clean! Next, I have been using aloe vera gel for retwisting my locs. Aloe vera gel is water based so drying my hair completely after retwisting is ESSENTIAL. Letting locs air dry is a gamble because water can cause mildew so I make sure to get under a portable hair dryer and stay under until I am completely dry. Lastly, I made my own daily moisturizing/refresher for my locs. I put aloe vera juice, tea tree oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and vitamins C oil into a spray bottle. I also spray rose water on my hair and make sure everything is evenly dispersed. The mixture makes my hair really soft and moisturized. FYI I don’t use a lot of products so just the few mentioned are a lot for me and encompasses maybe half of the things I use in all. Also, products like the rose water I also use for moisturizing my face and I use Dr. Bronner’s soap for my shampoo as well. So, products for me cross over a lot and this contributes to my minimalist goals. This is where I am right now, nowhere near my goal but definitely progressing! Thank you for reading, hopefully, this was informational and maybe I was able to put you on to some great products. Remember progress over perfection!

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