On my quest for a better lifestyle, I am going to start cutting out all juice, soda, smoothies, any kind of liquid besides WATER. Of course, I will indulge on special occasions but water will be my main hydrating source. I am very excited to do this; a couple of months ago I drank only water for about two months and pretty much everything about my life got better. My skin was clearer and moisturized, my hair seemed stronger, I didn’t have as many aches and pains and I was able to maintain better endurance during my workouts. Water really changed the game for me and since I am trying to change my eating habits anyway adding water as a staple seems like a logical next step. I bought a 48 oz water bottle so I will be trying to get through two of them a day. Starting this week I will work on getting through one and just keep drinking more and more until I get through two. I hopefully will reach my goal by March 1st. Remeber progress over perfection!

Here is the link to the water bottle if you are interested:


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