Travel Bug

dan-gold-456814-unsplashHello Everyone,

Something I have not discussed on here is my desire to not only live minimally but to live on the go. I traveled to Europe in 2018 and fell in love with travel, just like every other person who travels abroad. But what traveling in Europe reminded me, was all there is to see in the U.S. I want to either rent or buy and convert a van into a mobile home and travel around the U.S. I have lived in America for 22 years and I’ve only visited 11 out of the 50 states. There is so much to see and as an American, I take what the U.S. has to offer. This is definitely a goal that is farther off than the goals I have made for this blog. And after I have seen everything the U.S. has to offer I plan to take the adventure to Europe and travel there. Africa, South America, and Asia are obviously on the list as well.   Again, this is a dream that will take time to cultivate and my first step in achieving this goal is working on the goals of this blog. Being a minimalist will make traveling much simpler and good health is important to be able to travel a lot. #POP

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