Kon Mari


I planned on posting last week about decluttering my room by doing the Kon Mari method. However, I ended up being very busy and couldn’t start the process until Sunday … March 10. Anyway, here are the results and what I thought.

Before…(remember I’d done some decluttering last summer)




When I have decluttered in the past I was only able to get rid of a couple items. This attempt was better than any other and I plan to do this again in a couple months. Because of the past attempts, I don’t have many books or random items so I only decluttered my clothes. I really enjoyed the Kon Mari method of decluttering. A lot of the clothes I have not been able to get rid of before were easier this time due to not feeling as if I were getting rid of sentimental items without any closure. Saying goodbye to each item really gave me a sense of relief like I wasn’t getting rid of something I may miss or need later on. Sometimes, that’s what makes it so hard to declutter. We feel like we will need the things we haven’t used in months, that maybe one day they will be useful. What this experience made me realize is that I hold on to things I do not need, do not use and in some cases things that don’t bring me joy.

Progress over Perfection!!



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