What Do You Value and Why


One of the biggest reasons I am drawn to minimalism is because the practice calls for you to search your soul and see where your values lie. And if something does not add value to your life, to get rid of it. A lot of people interpret this to mean that people should get rid of excess and in a sense that’s true. But more important, adapting minimalism into ones life forces them to contemplate why they own the things that they do. Do you own those clothes because they make you happy or because it’s what society is telling you is “in” right now? Do you own this big house so you can fill it with friends and family or because it’s a status symbol? I am not here to bash anyone’s reasoning for owning the things they do, and I don’t believe minimalism is either. All minimalism and I are asking you to do is ask yourself why and if you cannot come up with a good enough reason, let it go. During this process of change in my life, I have had to let go of items that I initially thought brought me happiness and added value to my life. However, when I searched my motives for keeping them, I realized they were steeped in what others thought of me and or a false representation of myself. So, although letting those things go was hard and felt like I was abandoning parts of myself, change is good and necessary for survival. So, do some self inventory and ask why you value the things around you. 

Remember, Progress over Perfection #PoP

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