Who’s Your Auditor?

markus-spiske-624932-unsplashSelf-evaluation is something that I have recently tried to get better at. This blog is one of the ways I try to audit myself and take account for how close or far I am to reaching my goals. One of the people that always keeps me down to earth and in constant re-evaluation is my mother. I wanted to make a post about her for national women’s month in March, but it was so hard forming the words to encompass all the eans to me. She is very supportive and yet very truthful about things I need to work on. She gives me encouragement while at the same time telling me I am not perfect and there are so many things that I need to take note of and do the inner work to fix. She is definitely my daily auditor. I believe everyone needs at least one person in their life that tells them the truth no matter what. Growth is something that we must constantly do, for the good or for the evil you will grow. When you have supportive people around you they can keep you in check and help you grow in the right direction. Don’t forget, its all about progress over perfection! #PoP

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