Officially I have 15 days until I graduate from undergrad. I honestly cannot believe how quickly those four years came and went. I am so excited to start my career, live on my own and have complete autonomy over myself and my life (their house their rules). And though all of this sounds like everything I have been dreaming of since about sixteen years old; now that it’s here I am starting to feel like freedom is actually a huge scam. Adulthood and freedom have always sounded like so much fun because I could do what I want when I want and exactly how I want. But during my years in undergrad, little by little I’ve been given more and more of the responsibilities surrounding my life. This started with like having to pay for my own gas and tune-ups for my car, Esteban. Next, I got a job and started having to panic around tax time. And the more time passed the more responsibility and “bills” I had to deal with on my own. Recently, with all of the excitement graduation is bringing, major anxiety has tagged along as well. I am now thinking about if I should go to Grad school, if I should move out of my family’s home, where I would live if I did move out, inheriting bills that my parents will have to take up for my younger brother who is entering college in the fall. And the list never ends of the things I will soon be responsible for and if they fall through it’s completely on me. Honestly, doesn’t that sound like a scam? Adulthood is hyped up for so long in our young minds and when it’s finally here it’s completely overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. In no shape or form do I feel ready for what is ahead, but I do know that God has a plan for my life and all I have to do is walk in it.

Me walking into my future knowing that God has my back!

#FreedomIsAScam #ProgressOverPerfection #PoP

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