Update: Vegan Food


I just wanted to come and quickly update you all on some of the vegan gems I have found recently!! Hope you enjoy. Remember progress over perfection!! #PoP

Also, sorry for the quality of the video. I am new to this!

3 thoughts on “Update: Vegan Food

  1. High five for doing a video! I have been a mainly water drinker for years now. Once in a while, I have 7up/sprite when I am not feeling well. Very rarely I have a Dr. Pepper or wine. I do have tea several nights a week when it is cold. There are so many ways you can make water tastier, but honestly, I often forget to add anything to mine. Have water, will travel, LOL 🙂
    Happy blogging to you 🙂

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    1. Thank you for this comment. I’ve just started my water only journey and I slip-up sometimes. But it’s good knowing that little mistakes are okay! Thanks for the encouragement!


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