Post-Grad Life

4876ae53-c3ac-4b37-a5a6-85fe93e6d5d0-5067-000004be2165e826-1My cousin, who graduated a year before me, gave me advice on what to expect from my post-grad life. One of the elements she stressed heavily was the sense of purposelessness that seems to come out of nowhere. For decades getting an education has been my main focus and passing to the next level my ultimate goal. And for those who are going straight to grad school or some other higher education; that goal orientated life probably won’t change. But as for me, and my cousin, our goals are little vaguer. I think this purposelessness is what some people call post-grad depression. No longer can I hide under the guise of “oh, I’m still in school” or “I have time to figure it out”. I have officially run out of time to figure it out and people are expecting me to have answers or to do SOMETHING. All of this accompanied with moving back home, not being surrounded by friends and seeing everyone else seemingly move on with life can definitely bring on some pretty heavy self-doubt. Knowing this, my cousin gave me this advice. 1. Be intentional about making new friends and making time for old ones. And 2. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. If you see old classmates going to law school and getting married, that’s great and be happy for them. But also realize that doing yoga or traveling or just going back home is just as great and maybe just what YOU need.

Progress Over Perfection! #pop

2 thoughts on “Post-Grad Life

  1. You grew her hair! I know that has nothing to do with this post! As for the post, it all works out. Your cousin is right–be intentional. Start thinking about what you want; make a plan; and go for it!

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