13 Days Down!

Hi Hi Hello,

Okay, but my skin though.

I am 13-days into my 30-day sugar fast and let me just say, this challenge is HARD! And the hardest part so far is simply remembering I am even doing the challenge in the first place. The first week went pretty well, and then all of a sudden I began to forget that I was on this fast. What began the downward spiral was a wedding I attended on Sunday, June 9th. It was time for cake and I popped out of my chair with nothing holding me back. Two bites into a key lime cake (soooooo good btw) and it dawns on me that I am supposed to be FASTING. And from that day forward it has been a struggle to remember not to eat any candy, sweets or desserts. So far, Sunday was my only actually consumption of any dessert and or sweets/candy items, but not without weeping and gnashing of teeth. Also, my skin has been flourishing and my nails are growing waaaaay too fast, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with not consuming sweets but here I am.

Lastly, I am trying not to be hard on myself if I slip up because REMEMBER it’s all about Progress over Perfection! #PoP

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