Update: 30-day Challenge​

yuiizaa-september-0iFN35PjA4g-unsplashAs my 30-day no sweets challenge comes to a screeching halt 2 days shy of the full 30-days I want to share my experience. I’m not going to lie, 28 days in I caved to a piece of red velvet cake that tasted like a bar of mushy soap. It was not worth looing this challenge but not all was lost, I learned some valuable lessons during this month. I learned that sweets can negatively affect your skin but cutting out sweets is not a cure-all. Diet, in general, plays a huge role but an even bigger role is played by genetics. Also, there are other ways to curb a sweet tooth and believe it or not exercise really helps. But, the biggest lesson I learned was dedication. I LOVE sweets, candy, and ice cream, I didn’t really believe I would be able to get through a week without it, let alone 27 days. I plan on doing this challenge again and actually completing it. But until then I am going to buy a better red velvet cake and enjoy!

Remember its all about progress over perfection.

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